Big Rig Towing

At Tow Truck Mississauga, we have the capability to bring you quality towing regardless of the vehicle type and when you’re looking for an effective towing option for your big rig, you can be sure that we have you covered.

We have been one of the sole sources of quality big rig towing in the Mississauga area for years and through that time have helped everyone from individual drivers to companies and all owners in between. When you need a specialized tow for your specific vehicle, you can count on Tow Truck Mississauga.

Emergency Towing

Whether in the wake of an accident, or another form of emergency when on the roads of Mississauga, knowing that you have the access to skilled and capable big rig towing options can bring a little stress relief to your situation.

No matter where you happen to be, or the time of day, you can depend on Tow Truck Mississauga to bring you cheap towing you can depend on. With just a phone call to our offices, you have the means to getting the best possible services quickly wherever you happen to be.


Dealing with engine failure can be a major problem, especially when it comes to these types of vehicles that are normally on tight delivery and deadline schedules. Knowing that you have the access to a local towing company that can bring the very specific form of towing you need and do so quickly can truly help out.

This is the objective of Tow Truck Mississauga, bringing quality towing when you need it most, no matter where you are in the Mississauga area. Making the choice to call our experts for assistance will ensure you can get back on the road quickly.

Scheduled Towing

Not every towing request will be emergency in nature and whether you need to send one of your trucks to the shop or are in need of transport to a new location, you can depend on Tow Truck Mississauga to provide you with the services you need.

We provide you with the highest level of care when it comes to your vehicles, ensuring that your vehicle will be dropped off in the exact state in which it’s picked up. Our experts have been providing services to Mississauga for years and have what it takes to bring results you can count on.

Repair Towing

When you have a big rig in need of repairs, you can’t simply push it to where it needs to go. Relying on the experts you need will ensure that you get your vehicle to its repair location with ease and haste.

Choosing Tow Truck Mississauga for your towing needs, you can depend on the right vehicle, the experienced professionals, and the highest level of expertise possible. This culminates in bringing you a service that is quick to book, faster to arrive and provides you with the quality results you’ve been looking for when it comes to big rig towing.